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   Material supplied to site within 6 weeks 

UK CONSTRUCTION WEEK, 5. - 7. 10. 2021, NEC, Birmingham

COMAX ROOFS® are glad to announce their participation at UK Construction Week 5-7 October.

Let us invite you to the stand M50 "CzechTrade UK & Ireland" in Hall 3a, where we will be displaying our premium aluminum roofing products.


The experience in the field of
coating of aluminium and metal coils with our COIL COATING system, state-of-the-art technology and precision manufacturing give our roofing products an unbeatable high quality with a lifespan of up to 75 years. The parent company METAL TRADE COMAX a.s, is one of the first representatives of continuous coating in Europe and the only producer of coated sheet metals in the Czech Republic. The company is a member of the ECCA - EUROPEAN COIL COATING ASSOCIATION, based in Brussels, which associates major European processors of painted sheet metal.

COMAX® sheet roofing stands out for its low weight, easy and quick assembly, long life, potential wide colour range, colour fastness and at the same time, it is 100% recyclable. In our range of products, you can find large-format sheet metal roofing materials for pitched roofs: COMAX ALUKRYT®COMAX TILE MAXI, COMAX FALCCOMAX KLIK, COMAX® TRAPEZE SHEETS. Material quality is evidenced by testing, and the manufacturing process is controlled by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications. All our material is harmonized with the European trading area and is CE marked appropriately.

For sheet metal roofing we supply all the additional elements for pitched roofs necessary for the proper functioning of the roofing, such as safety waterproofing layers and separation layers suitable for large-format sheet metal roofing. COMAX ROOFS® provide production and transport of the roofing within 6 weeks after the construction contractor's assignment. 

360° tour of the establishment 


Sheet metal roofing from the manufacturer COMAX ROOFS® is exceptional mainly because of the long-standing experience in sheet metal surface treatment with our COIL COATING system. Coated sheets of our production show high resistance to UV radiation, corrosion and chemical resistance and our production is highly environmentally friendly. Material is supplied to site within 6 weeks.


The coating line of METAL TRADE COMAX, a.s. coats over 10,000 t of aluminium and 50,000 t of galvanized steel coils annually. We have been coating for over 47 years continuously.


We can deliver COMAX® sheet metal roofing with all additional assortment directly to your building site. We cooperate with reliable transport companies.


COMAX ROOFS® in Velvary deliver customized profiled sheet metal roofing within 6 weeks of the customer's layout plan confirmation as standard.


Based on your request, we will prepare a laying plan for the installation of sheet metal roofing, plus an offer of recommended elements for proper functioning of the roofing. 


Thanks to the cooperation with renowned manufacturers of supplementary and safety elements we supply all assortment for pitched roof construction


COMAX ROOFS® offer a wide selection of sheet metal roofing materials for sloping roofs in a variety of finishes and a wide range of colours. In 2017, we enriched the range by new types of trapezoidal profiles.



For example we would like to present you some of our Czech branch realisation. In the UK we are currently gathering photos from finished roofing and cladding projects. In recent years, we have carried out several interesting projects and the realization of COMAX® sheet metal roofing with our partners. First of all, it was the fitting of COMAX TILE module 350 with a steel core, which was replaced with a new type of COMAX TILE MAXI, in the classic way and with the laying on a batten of 350 mm span. It was a reconstruction of the building of the accommodation facility, where the roof attracts by the various roof planes with a total area of ​​about 200 m².

Another project was the reconstruction of the roof. COMAX FALC WITH ALUMINUM was used as the most watertight and lightweight coat, suitable for older roof truss construction. Furthermore, we tested the fitting of COMAX KLIK WITH STEEL CORE 0.55 mm th. The roofing imitates the appearance of a classic standing seam. It was a low 11° pitch roof planes with a total area of ​​470 m², where we used COMAX KLIK with steel core and PVDF coating, which is laid on battens 40x60 mm with a span of 230 mm.

Unique solution to change the roofing of apartment buildings of all types and shapes. Precise preparation of timber structures and then fitting of COMAX® sheet metal roofing for our Czech eminent customer STŘECHY 92.