Fire Certification for Comax Klik Standing Seam and other products

Comax Roofs has now been trading for nearly 5 years in the UK, and occasionally we get asked for a BBA certificate to back our products. Our Material quality is evidenced by testing, and the manufacturing process is controlled by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications. All our material is harmonized with the European trading area and is CE marked appropriately. We supply across Europe to brands such as Kingspan, Lindab and BMW to name a few, so quality is assured.

Obviously since the tragedy that was Grenfell, we have been asked more for fire certification, and we have always held this since we have been on the market in the UK. We use an Independent Fire Testing Laboratory to acquire this, and our products are A1 Fire Rated and classed therefore as non-combustible. Our Fire Certificate can be viewed here.

Even though our Aluminium and Steel material is a final skin to a build up and usually 0.6-1.0mm in gauge, we understand that customers need peace of mind when purchasing, so be assured that our products are certified to be used in construction at all heights.

We are proud that we have managed to attain membership of the Offsite Alliance, which has brought all the major Modular builders together - all of whom use modern methods of construction.